These are the rental terms and conditions of the Quarterdeck Owners’ Association, Inc., for the rental of a unit within a Condominium. The (Quarterdeck Owners’ Association,) for all further reference will be addressed as the (Quarterdeck).  The primary rental occupant is a “Tenant” per Condominium Declarations. The minimum Tenant age is 21 years old and strictly enforced. A government issued photo ID displaying the Tenant’s age and address must be provided upon request and is required to check in. If the Tenant is unable to provide identification matching the reservation, check in will not be allowed and the reservation canceled with all monies paid forfeited. 

Any money received by Quarterdeck from the Tenant, for occupancy of this vacation property shall be deemed the Tenant’s acceptance of these terms and conditions. It is the responsibility of the Tenant to be familiar with rental terms and conditions. 

Reservation/Payment: A 25% down payment is due on the reservation at the time of booking to place a temporary hold on a unit. The reservation will be confirmed when Tenant provides the required payment . All balances due for payment of rent, and applicable taxes  must be received no later than 30 days prior to arrivals.   If a unit is reserved less than thirty (30) calendar days prior to arrival, all monies on the rental are due at the time the reservation is made. If the above is not followed, Quarterdeck reserves the right to cancel the reservation. All rates are subject to change without notice. 

Occupancy and Rental Term Limit: The Tenant agrees that no more than four (4) persons shall use and occupy a 1-bedroom unit and that no more than six (6) persons shall use and occupy a 2-bedroom unit, unless otherwise stated in the unit description or specifically approved by Quarterdeck management in writing. 

Rules: Tenant and Tenant’s Guests Responsibilities and Restrictions: The following behavior and/or activity is strictly prohibited and may result in the immediate suspension of occupancy rights and ejection, per Florida Statute 509.141, Refusal of Admission and Ejection of Undesirable Guests (Tenants). 

  • Any Tenant reserving or checking into a unit and subsequently allowing anyone under the age of 21 years old to remain occupying and using the unit outside of the immediate supervision of the registered Tenant for a period greater than four (4) consecutive hours. 

  • Any person whose conduct on the Quarterdeck property displays intoxication, profanity, lewdness, or brawling; and is considered to challenge the other tenants “Right of Enjoyment”, peace or comfort of other Tenants or resident; who engages in illegal or disorderly conduct; who illegally possesses or deals in controlled substances as defined in Chapter 893, Florida Statutes; or whose conduct constitutes a nuisance. Further, any person in violation of the Sarasota County Air and Sound Control Code, Article 1 Section 54- 118. (Which refers to noise regulations including audio sound from music, televisions and loud voices which can be heard outside of the unit or in common areas)

  • Smoking or vaping tobacco or any substance in rental units is prohibited. Outside smoking is allowed in designated areas only.  

Parking: Tenant(s) will be assigned one parking space for the entire stay at the Quarterdeck. Visitor parking is available first come first serve. Please be considerate of other guests within the complex.

Tenant Vehicle Restrictions: No guest may park overnight any boat, camper, motor home, trailer, mobile home or similar vehicle in any parking area.

Refunds: No refunds will be granted for inclement weather or acts of nature. There are no refunds for early departures. 

Check in and Check out information: 

Our standard CHECK IN is 4:00 PM EST on the reservation date. An earlier check in is only allowed if pre-approved in writing by the Quarterdeck management. Please note you will receive an email ~7 days in advance of arrival which contains the information needed for your access code and instruction on the Electronic key system. Additionally, emails from our booking system will confirm your reservation and provide additional details prior to arrival. Our standard CHECK OUT time  is 10:00 AM EST.  Any late check out requests must be approved by Quarterdeck.

Office Hours and Telephone Number: 

Toll-Free: 1.800.845.0251 

Local: 941.488.0449 

Office hours are Monday through Friday  from 8:30 AM EST to 4:00 PM EST and every other Saturday 9:00 AM till 12:00 PM.

Upon arrival: Please refer to the House rules on the website or located in the blue binder inside the unit for detailed information.  Should a failure occur within the unit's equipment, furnishings, or appliance,  please notify the office asap.  The Agent shall make reasonable efforts to remedy the situation. 

Locked Closets Or Cabinets: If there is a locked closet, this is the personal property of the unit owner and is not included in the unit rental. 

Cleaning Responsibilities: The unit will be clean prior to arrival. Bed sheets, towels and dishes will be washed. At departure, the Tenant should leave the unit in a comparable condition.   Please see “departure email” for instructions. The Tenant is responsible for  cleaning of the unit during the Tenant use and occupancy.  We reserve the right to charge for excess cleaning to the unit. Should the Tenant leave the unit in an unreasonably dirty condition, it can result in an extra cleaning charge.

Damage Responsibilities: Please remember that all our condos are privately owned and offered for rent by the owner.  Please treat your condo as you would like others to treat your home. The tenant is responsible for any damage to or loss of furnishings, personal property, or equipment within the unit and will be required to pay for damages. 

Pets and Animals: Pets are NOT permitted on the Quarterdeck Grounds. A tenant/guest that has an Emotional Support Animal on Quarterdeck grounds must provide notice and required medical documentation per Florida Statute SB 1084 (ESM’s) or 413.08 (SA’s) to the Association at time of reserving dates. 

Liability: Neither Quarterdeck , nor its employees, agents or owner(s) of the unit, shall be liable for any damages or injury to the Tenant,  family member, invitee, or Tenant of the Tenant, for damage to any person or property occurring within the unit or the Quarterdeck property including vehicles. The Tenant agrees to indemnify, defend and hold its employees or agents and the owner of the unit harmless for any claims for damages, save for the intentional or grossly negligent conduct of a Quarterdeck employee. 

Disclaimer:  The Tenant agrees to be responsible for any damage to the unit, dwelling, furnishings, grounds or common area which occur through acts or negligence of or by the Tenant, or a family member, invitee or Tenant of the Tenant. The Tenant agrees to surrender and vacate the unit at the time and date specified in the same condition as it was when the Tenant took possession; except for reasonable wear, act of God, and/or causes over which the Tenant has no control. 

CANCELLATION POLICY:  Cancellations that are made up to 90 days of the arrival date are subject to a full refund. 

Travel Insurance Recommendation: We recommend that you consider purchasing travel insurance to protect your vacation investment.  While we understand unexpected events can occur, this agreement outlines our cancellation policy.  Travel insurance can provide coverage for a variety of situations that may necessitate canceling your reservation, including: illness or injury (to yourself or a traveling companion), family emergencies, travel delays or cancellations, or job loss. In the event you need to cancel your reservation, travel insurance may help you recoup your down payment or other prepaid expenses, depending on the specific policy you choose.  We recommend researching and purchasing travel insurance that meets your individual needs.Please note:  This recommendation for travel insurance does not alter the terms of this agreement regarding cancellation.

Accepted payment methods:  Check, Debit cards, Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover Card 

Please note the Quarterdeck Vacation rental condominiums are not ADA Compliant.